Welsh War Heroine’s Traditional Hat Sold For £5,000

Posted on August 28, 2019

Jemima Nicholas, from Pembrokeshire, led a group of Welsh women to capture French soldiers who landed at Fishguard in 1797.
The item was donated to a charity auction to raise funds for the restoration of a local church.
Hywel Davies said the hat came to him through his mother as it had been passed down through her relatives.
“It was well known to be Jemima’s hat, everybody knew of it as hers,” Mr Davies told BBC Cymru Fyw.
An expert confirmed the hat was dated from about 1750, and “so few” from that time would have survived to the present day.

“It had spent years in a cupboard. I decided it would be a nice thing to give to the appeal, so it was nice that it was sold for £5,000.” The successful bid came from Denise Hutton, a distant relative of Jemima who had flown from Australia to make the purchase.

It is said Jemima tricked troops into surrender by telling local women to dress in traditional Welsh costume to look like British soldiers. She is said to have single-handedly rounded-up a dozen French troops armed with only a pitchfork.

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