Veterans Give Free Haircuts To Homeless

Posted on December 4, 2018

When Ged King left the Tank Regiment, he struggled with the transition into life on civvy street. He had his own barber shop, but still felt like something was missing. That’s when he began to give out free haircuts to the homeless, and the Skullfades Foundation was born.

“Everyone who sits the chair, they’re in a bad state,” Mr King told Forces News. “The shoulders are down, their head’s down. The first thing I’ll do is pull their shoulders back and I’ll lift the chin up. Motion creates emotion; the way we use our bodies determines how we feel. So we use that knowledge, in conjunction with our skill as barbers to give people a lift… We give them this lift through the haircut and the positive interaction. And then once they’re in that good state, we say okay, So this is available, that’s available. Let’s get you into a drug programme. Let’s get you into a bed every night. Let’s get you engaged with the charities.”

Mr King now trains the homeless in barbering skills and, once a year, the Skullfades Foundation runs a huge event in central Manchester to help those on the streets, handing out sleeping bags and food as Christmas approaches.

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