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Posted on April 22, 2019

Voice of the People: Let the Ministry of Defence act as caring as charities do

Defence ministers need to truly show they care and start delivering proper services to those who make the ultimate sacrifice in all of our names

It is fantastic that a charity has sent up drones to rescue PTSD-stricken veterans missing from their homes.

And it is brilliant to see TV star Duncan Bannatyne generously providing free gym memberships for recovering soldiers.

We, like Prince Harry , salute their remarkable work. But such selfless actions only serve to underline one important fact.

That they fill a shameless leadership void.

One our government should be occupying.

For more than two years this newspaper has warned about the soaring numbers of veterans being hit by post-traumatic stress disorder.

Many end up on the street. Some even take their lives.

The devastation for these brave men and women, and their families, is immeasurable.

And if it wasn’t for the work of charities and volunteers like All Call Signs their lives would be even worse.

So today the Sunday People has a simple call to arms to defence ministers.

Truly show you care.

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