Space Based Nuclear Missiles Could be Possible in 30 Years

Posted on October 22, 2018


Nuclear attacks from space stations orbiting Earth could be possible in 30 years, MoD report reveals

The Future Starts Today report also details electromagnetic pulse weapons and biological weapons designed to target certain ethnic groups

SPACE stations armed with nukes will be able to rain down warheads on Earth in little more than 30 years, defence officials have warned.

A Ministry of Defence think tank, created to predict future conflicts, said “space-based weapons systems” with nuclear capabilities could be deployed by 2050.

The prospect of military space bases armed with nuclear warheads perpetually circling earth is just one of a series of Doomsday predictions.

They predict more nations will have nukes, that chemical weapon bans will be ignored and terrorists could acquire sophisticated missiles.

They also warn biological weapons could be developed that only target specific ethnic groups.

Meanwhile a nuclear electromagnetic pulse weapon – detonated in the air rather than on the ground – will be developed with the power to knock out whole cities and even countries.

Electromagnetic pulses can shut down anything running on electrical power meaning, lights, communications, heating systems would all stop working in an instant.

The predictions were made in a Future Starts Today report by the MoD’s Development Concepts and Doctrine Centre.

It claims the main threats already identified by Top Brass – including global terror and international competition – are speeding up to create, “new and unparalleled risks.”

The MoD carries out a review of the global risks and how to configure the nation’s Armed Forces every five years.

But new threats are always emerging including cyber attacks and disinformation campaigns, from nations including Russia and North Korea.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said: “We are living in a world becoming rapidly more dangerous.”

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