RAF Kills Over 4,000 Enemy Fighters In Iraq And Syria

Posted on March 7, 2019

Yet the MoD says only one civilian was killed in the airstrikes, according to figures released to the charity Action on Armed Violence (AOAV).
Of those harmed, 4,013, or 93%, were killed, and 302, or 7%, were injured.
The MoD said its data came from “the best available post-strike analysis” – video and photos taken from the air.
The data from the MoD, obtained following a Freedom of Information request from AOAV, says:
In Iraq, 2,994 were killed and 235 wounded
In Syria, 1,019 died and 67 were hurt
They were killed by bombing raids from Typhoons (37%) Tornados (31%) and Reapers (32%)
But the AOAV, a research charity, says it believes civilian deaths have been under-reported, as 1,000 targets were hit by the RAF during its bombing campaign in the cities of Raqqa and Mosul.
The US-led coalition, of which the UK is a member, has confirmed 1,190 civilian deaths from 269 separate incidents, with a further 249 civilians injured.
The US has acknowledged more than 1,000 civilian casualties, though this is thought to be lower than those assessed by civilian casualty monitors.
The one civilian casualty the UK has said it was responsible for would amount to just 0.09% of all of the coalition’s civilian casualties.

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