Pregnant Woman Trampled By An Elephant Saved By Army Medics

Posted on October 31, 2019

The woman, believed to be in her thirties and five months pregnant, was left in a critical condition after the incident on October 5. She suffered severe wounds and internal bleeding after the animal stamped on her abdomen.

The casualty was taken from Liwonde National Park to Mangochi hospital, where Corporal Sam Jones and Corporal Brandon Wright gave her fluids to stabilise her blood pressure.

She was later moved to Zomba hospital for treatment.

Corporal Jones, from Leeds in West Yorkshire, said: “We were originally taken aback when we heard it was an elephant attack and again when we discovered she was pregnant, but then we switched to professional mode and got on with providing the treatment she required.”

Corporal Jones and Corporal Wright are based at 3 Medical Regiment in Preston.

Both men are currently deployed in Malawi on Op Corded with 2 Royal Gurkha Rifles.

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