Police Suspect “Ex Soldier” of Violent Raids

Posted on January 30, 2018

A highly professional soldier with a “commanding nature” is believed to have carried out seven violent £1m raids with military-style planning.

The man stakes out expensive Home Counties properties and knows their exact layout and location of safes by the time he raids the homes, wielding a sawn-off shotgun, Surrey Police said

He has taken jewellery, watches and “irreplaceable heirlooms”.

Victim Susan Morris, 61, said: “He knew exactly how hard to hit me.”

An appeal has now gone out from four police forces after raids across Berkshire, Kent, Surrey and Sussex between November 2014 and October 2017.

Mrs Morris said the raider kept asking her for more jewellery during the raid in October at her home in Kingswood, Surrey.

“He hit me three times on my face, it was very painful, I couldn’t believe the blows kept coming,” she said.

Mrs Morris said at one point she could not get a ring and bracelet off, and added: “I actually thought ‘he’s going to cut my finger off’.”

When her husband came home from work, he found her still tied up with cables and hiding in a bedroom.

Describing the thief, she said: “I would say he spoke well, he had no accent, he didn’t have bad grammar, he’s an intelligent man, he knows how to assess the situation and carry this out.”

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