New Ads – “Your Army Needs You”

Posted on January 4, 2019

UK army recruitment ads target ‘snowflake’ millennials

Campaign says army could use compassion of ‘snowflakes’ and focus of ‘phone zombies’

The British army is calling on “snowflakes, selfie addicts, class clowns, phone zombies, and me, me, millennials” to join its ranks in a recruitment drive targeting young people.

The campaign, featuring posters and TV ads titled Your Army Needs You, suggests that what is seen as a weakness or a character flaw by the rest of society can be seen as a strength by the army. The campaign states that the army could use the “compassion” of “snowfakesl”, the “self-belief” of millennials, the “confidence” of selfie takers, and the “focus” of phone zombies.

The army designed the campaign to show that it looks beyond stereotypes and “sees people differently”, and recognises their “need for a bigger sense of purpose”, according to Maj Gen Paul Nanson.

The campaign is targeting 16- to 25-year-olds, part of what is sometimes known as Generation Z. It will include a series of TV and radio adverts, as well as a billboard campaign.

The army based the campaign on the historic Your Country Needs You first world war poster featuring Field Marshal Lord Kitchener.

The TV ads build on the idea that young ambitious people may feel undervalued and want a job with greater purpose. These would-be recruits are first shown at home or at work, with others calling out their stereotypes, before the scene suddenly changes and shows them in army roles, ranging from soldiers assisting on humanitarian missions in war-torn villages to providing support in a hurricane relief effort.

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