More Needs To Be Done To “Better Connect All Of The Services For Veterans”

Posted on January 17, 2019

Speaking to Forces News, Colonel Wallace said: “I think we need to better connect all of the services that are being provided across the country. “This is certainly a requirement for the Scottish government to look at this from a holistic perspective and make sure they engage all of those services that may not be connected to the veterans community as well as those services that are connected.” Physical disabilities and mental health problems can contribute to loneliness. Charles McDonald, an RAF veteran who suffers from sight problems, regularly uses the service at Scottish War Blinded says it is a place where he “gets looked after”.

“You learn to live with it but it does restrict you and I think that was the worst thing,” he said. “You can’t go anywhere or do anything without someone looking after you. I come here now and get looked after.”

Scottish War Blinded is one of the many charities in Scotland that gives veterans the chance to socialise with people who may be going through the same thing as them.

Tony Byrne, an Army veteran says since using the service he has rekindled a sense of camaraderie that he had with his comrades. “I didn’t actually realise I was suffering from social isolation until I came here and socialised. I had all of this before in the Army – that same camaraderie and it still exists here. But after years you forget about that.”

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