Minister For The Middle East Says UK “Rightfully” Give Aid To Families Of Foreign Fighters

Posted on March 13, 2019

He added more than £40 million has been provided in 2018/19 to address “basic life-saving needs” across areas previously held by so-called Islamic State. Thousands of people from different nations travelled to Syria and Iraq to fight as jihadists with IS and other groups, including several hundred from the UK.

Speaking in the Commons, Mr Burt said: “DFID (Department for International Development) works on the basis of humanitarian need, not on the basis of who controls territory so this also means at present that we’re providing assistance to those who have been in Daesh-controlled areas and who are in need. “So we provide support through governance of areas that have been in opposition control but we’re also prepared to provide for needs inside those areas which were under regime control.”  Mr Burt added: “There’s been a lot of focus recently on the camps where those who have been involved in the fighting and who are now, because of the end of the military campaign against Daesh, are now in that small area and moving out of it. “I think our understanding is this – male foreign fighters are in one camp, spouses and children are in another. The United Kingdom does not provide aid to those who are classified as foreign fighters in their camps but we do, and rightfully should, provide aid and support for spouses and children, for women and children who are in the other camp – and we do.

Mr Burt said there are no cash transfers to camps holding spouses and children of foreign fighters.

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