MATO Secretary General: “We Are Preparing For A World Without The INF Treaty”

Posted on June 27, 2019

Russia has until August 2nd to comply with the treaty, after it was discovered its SSC-8 missiles violate the agreement.

“Russia SSC-8 missile system violates the INF treaty and is a significant threat to our treaty.” But Mr Stoltenberg said NATO would not deploy new nuclear land based missiles in Europe. “We won’t mirror what Russia does. We don’t want a nuclear arms race.” Mr Stoltenberg added that they would “continue to maintain credible deterrence and defence through an exercise programme, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance”. He said the allies remain firmly committed to the preservation to arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation but time is running out.

The agreement was signed in 1987 between Russia (then USSR) and the US to significantly cut the nuclear weapons capabilities of both sides around Europe. It stops Moscow from having ground-based missiles that could hit Europe and blocked Washington from basing missiles in Europe that could hit Russia.

Russia claims their SSC-8 does not violate the INF treaty and claims it’s the US that has broken the deal. “Russia still has a chance to do the right thing and save the treaty,” Mr Stoltenberg said.

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