Ken Earl, Founder Of The Porton Down Veterans Support Group, Dies

Posted on August 4, 2015

Ken Earl, who two days after the death of Ronald Maddison sat in the same seat, has died aged 81. Ken was an actor had that performed under the stage name of Clifford Earl in a supporting role in such films as “The Sea Wolves” and “Diamonds are Forever”. He also had various roles, acting in such well known TV series such as “Jason King”, “Softly Softly”, “The Avengers”, “Dixon of Dock Green” and “Dr Who” to name but a few. He would also be well known to many servicemen, for his appearances in training films made by the MOD. Later on he became a news reader on TV for the South of England.

Ken was exposed to Sarin (GB) Nerve agent in 1953 aged 19. He always maintained that he had volunteered for common cold tests and that he was duped into taking part. The MOD has always denied this, saying that there is no documentary evidence that servicemen were duped this way. Despite hundreds of officer of that era, who have come forward to say that they signed for the quest for volunteers for common cold research to be placed on Part One Orders.

When the Police began Operation Antler, Ken founded the Porton Down Veterans Support Group to bring together veteran “Guinea Pigs”. He attended fifty days of the Maddison Inquest held in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. He was liked and respected by all who met him.

Ken is survived by his wife Beth, Son Christian and daughters Corinne and Victoria, to whom we extend our deepest sympathies.


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