Hero Marine Rushes to the Support of Injured Motorists

Posted on September 19, 2017

Royal Marine was among the brave motorists who rushed to aid those injured in this weekend’s fatal M5 crash.

Plymouth based marine Alex Morgan, instinctively jumped into action when he saw a flipped car and a lorry in the ditch of the busy motorway.

After hearing cries of the children from the wrecked car, he quickly rescued the brother and sister who were suspended upside down, trapped by their seat belts.

He bravely rescued the children as others worked to extinguish the front of the car, pulling them out from the boot to avoid them seeing the other passengers who had been seriously injured.

Mr Morgan then returned to the wreck to help those in the front of the vehicle.

With the help of a doctor who had also stopped to help, they removed a woman from the front seat of the family car, believed to be the mother.

Unfortunately, the male driver thought to be the father, died behind the wheel.

Mr Morgan told Somerset Live: “For work, you get a bit of experience and training in first aid, but this was by far the worst road traffic collision that I have seen in this country.

The fatal crash was apparently caused by a lorry travelling South suffering a tire blow out and colliding with the family car, sending them both through the central reservation and killing four people.

The marine praised the courageous efforts of those involved in trying to help:

“Everyone was fantastic and the emergency services response was very quick indeed. I just hope that the mother and children pull through and at least something can be salvaged from the incident.”

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