Gavin Williamson Says He Is A Victim Of “A Shabby Witch Hunt”

Posted on May 7, 2019

Gavin Williamson said he believes he was a victim of a “game of politics” when describing how he was treated over the leak of information from a top-secret meeting of the National Security Council. The former Defence Secretary was sacked by the Prime Minister over the disclosure of information about Chinese tech company Huawei’s involvement in the UK’s 5G network.

He has denied any involvement and said it has been a “shabby and discredited witch hunt”. Mr Williamson has called for Theresa May to release details of the investigation “so everyone can make a judgement”. He has previously said he would welcome a criminal investigation as a way to clear his name, but the Metropolitan Police said the disclosure did not amount to a criminal offence.

“This whole affair hasn’t been about trying to find the real culprit who leaked what was said at that meeting,” Mr Williamson said, speaking to the Sunday Express. “It has been a game of politics, it’s been about settling scores and trying to prove the Prime Minister’s political strength. The PM has spoken about compelling evidence. Well, I’d like to see it,” he added. He also accused Theresa May and Cabinet Secretary Sir Mark Sedwill of badly mishandling the inquiry and called for a probe into it.

“With the Metropolitan Police not willing to do a criminal investigation it is clear a proper, full and impartial investigation needs to be conducted on this shabby and discredited witch hunt that has been so badly mishandled by both the Prime Minister and Mark Sedwill,” he said.

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