Five Marches In Glasgow Banned Amid Fears Of Sectarian Violence

Posted on September 12, 2019

It follows violent sectarian disturbances at similar events over the past two weekends.
Four Loyalist parades and an Irish Republican march planned for Saturday and Sunday will not be allowed to go ahead due to the threat of trouble.
The decision was taken by an urgently arranged meeting of Glasgow City Council’s Public Processions Committee.
In what has been described as an unprecedented move, council officials recommended that all five processions this weekend be prohibited.

Police said recent events had shown the strong likelihood of disorder in the city at the weekend at one or more of the parades.
Supt John McBride said the number of officers who were to be deployed to the events on Saturday had been doubled following intelligence the force had received.
He said there had been calls on social media from Republicans to target Loyalist events and demands from Loyalists to protest against Republican parades.

A council spokesperson said the committee had acted to protect the interests of communities in Glasgow, “taking into account the threat to public safety and the likelihood of widespread disruption and disorder”.
“The city has already witnessed an unacceptable level of disruption and disorder associated with parades and counter-protests in recent weeks,” he said.
“It is clear, both from the intelligence gathered by police and the tone of comments made by supporters and protesters, that tensions are high and the situation threatens to deteriorate further.
“The council directly appeals to those who would have taken part in these marches, or who planned to mount protests against them, to comply with the orders made and not bring further disruption to city streets.”
The council warned that it would now be a criminal offence for the organisers or any participants to carry out their planned events.

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