Exercise Talon Python Tests Apache And Wildcat Crews

Posted on November 16, 2018

Apache and Wildcat helicopters have taken to the skies above Leicestershire as Army aviators from 3 Regiment Army Air Corps (3Regt AAC) take part in Exercise Talon Python. It’s one of the most realistic exercises 3 Regt AAC have ever undertaken – designed to prepare personnel for any potential threat or future deployment. The aim of the exercise is to demonstrate how the Regiment are able to operate behind enemy lines and carry out missions independently in different environments. Although both the Wildcat and the Apache crews have worked together before, the exercise is the first time they have worked hand-in-hand for an extended period of time.  “There’s still quite a few people who have operated in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last ten to fifteen years,” said Lieutenant Colonel Nick English . “But of course that sort of finished three, four, five years ago. So lots of our junior soldiers haven’t had that experience before. “(Exercises) are really important in terms of helping them understand the lessons that we’ve learnt from fifteen years ago.” Over the two-week exercise, 3 Regt AAC will launch formations of up to four Apaches and two Wildcats on simulated missions to find and strike targets.

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