Dredging Plans Challenged To Protect Pilot Graves

Posted on March 11, 2019

The port authorities want to dredge up three million tonnes of aggregate in an area of Goodwin Sands, to expand the harbour.

But campaigners fear it would disturb the remains of more than 50 other pilots as well as military aircraft crash sites which are protected under law.

A relative of one of the pilots has now won the right to hold a judicial review of the decision to dredge the sands. A High court judge will decide the matter in the summer.

One of the pilots believed to be buried in the Goodwin Sands is Jack Kerr Wilson, who’s Spitfire disappeared in 1940.

Richard Kerr-Wilson, the nephew of Jack Kerr Wilson, welcomed the court decision, saying: “The Goodwins should be respected as a war grave for those who gave their lives for their country during WWII.”

The Sands, which are a proposed Marine Conservation Zone, have been described by Wessex Archaeology, who reviewed data for Dover Harbour Board’s environmental consultants, as ‘archaeologically extraordinary’ on account of their holding the highest density of maritime assets in UK waters.

It’s anticipated the Judicial Review will be held in June and will take place at the High Court.

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