Czechoslovakia Spied On Trump

Posted on October 29, 2018

The StB had been interested in Trump since 1977, when he married a Czechoslovak-born woman, Ivana Zelníčková. News of the wedding reached the StB bureau in Zlín, the town in Moravia where Ivana grew up and where her parents lived. Ivana’s father Miloš regularly gave the StB information on his daughter’s visits from the US and his son-in-law’s burgeoning career.  The StB’s work on Donald and Ivana intensified in the late 1980s, after Trump let it be known he was thinking of running for president. The StB’s first foreign department sat up. Inside the Soviet bloc, Czechoslovakia’s spies were reputed to be skilled professionals, competent and versatile English-speakers who were a match for the CIA and MI6. Čuba was on a 14-day business trip to Brazil, the US and Canada. Trump, who had recently launched his Trump Shuttle, appears to have told his guests to buy a Sikorski helicopter, possibly from him and used by his airline for short hops. Čuba invited Trump to visit the farm, Slušovice. Trump reportedly agreed.

We know this because of a two-page write-up of the encounter based on details supplied by agent Jarda. Jarda was one of four StB collaborators who spied on the Trumps during the cold war. Jarda’s real name was Jaroslav Jansa. It’s unclear if Jansa was present in New York, or learned of the visit once the official delegation flew home.

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