Britain And Italy To Jointly Develop The Tempest Fighter Jet Programme

Posted on September 12, 2019

British defence companies are to work with Italy to develop the Tempest aircraft programme.

The two countries have signed an agreement to work on the technology together, as well as developing the Typhoon and F-35 capabilities – aircraft which both the Royal Air Force and Italian air force already use.

Italy’s involvement means they follow Sweden in agreeing to work with the UK on the Tempest programme.

The aircraft concept for the future fighter jet was revealed at Farnborough International Airshow last year and as much as £2 billion will be invested in the aircraft which will eventually replace the Typhoon.

The jet itself will be either be flown traditionally by pilots or as a drone and the Ministry of Defence has previosuly said it hopes the Tempest will by 2035 be flying alongside the RAF’s fleet of F-35Bs.

One of Tempest’s manufacturers, BAE Systems, have said the payload-range, speed and manoeuvrability will be key for the aircraft and that the system will be equipped with sensors to detect and intercept threats.

Technology on board the future fighter jet will also be able to provide a number of different ‘modes’ for unmanned operations, such as being controlled like a drone, as well as being able to aid a pilot whilst flying.

It is hoped the aircraft will also have the ability to deploy and manage Unmanned Air Vehicles which will ‘swarm’ to assess ‘dangerous Anti-Access Area Denial environments’.

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