“Bad Mistakes” With Capita’s Army Recruitment Campaign

Posted on January 15, 2019

The 10-year £1.3billion recruiting partnership project between the MOD and Capita was signed in 2012. Since then, the number of soldiers being recruited has not hit its target in any year. In a Public Accounts Committee meeting, Lieutenant General Tyrone Urch was asked whether he considered the contract with Capita “a success” or “a failure” from an army perspective.

Lieutenant General Urch, Commander of Army Home Command Group, disagreed that the contract was a failure but said: “Between March 2012-2015, something like that, this contract does not look pretty and I think that we would all agree that we have made some bad mistakes and some errors. “The Army must shoulder it’s fair proportion of those mistakes and Capita would as well, I know. “In hindsight, I would say we did a bunch of things not too cleverly.”  Lieutenant General Urch went on to highlight some of the Army’s biggest downfalls including their “naive approach” in thinking they could “subcontract out the idea of an army recruitment sergeant” to a non-military organisation, which he described as a “failing”. He added that the Army’s insistence of Capita using an antiquated recruitment system, known as DII, was also a “bad mistake”. The Army’s “hugely complicated career structure” was also criticised by Lieutenant General Urch. However, he said that by the end of the contract with Capita, the Army “will be recruiting everybody that we need” and that the current size of the force is capable of protecting the country and working on operations.

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