Army Recruiting is “Disastrous” Report Claims

Posted on February 19, 2018

“Disastrous” Outsourcing Of Army Recruitment Has Made Process “Too Complicated”, Reports Claim

The Army has insisted it’s trying to speed up its recruitment process, amid reports thousands of prospective soldiers are dropping out because of lengthy delays.

The Sun claims just 7.5% of the people who signed up within a 12-month period actually became soldiers.

The paper says it’s seen figures showing a surge in the numbers interested in joining up, leaping from less than 60-thousand in the year to March 2016 to 100-thousand in the following 12 months.

But out of that total, just 7-and-a-half thousand actually became soldiers. The rest, the paper claims, gave up after getting bogged down in red tape.

It says it takes an average of 300 days from a first approach to actually becoming a soldier.

The former head of the Army, General Lord Dannatt tells the paper the system is “too complicated”.

The Sun quotes sources who blame what they called the “disastrous” decision to outsource recruitment to Capita, a private firm.

Last year a study by former armed forces minister Mark Francois, commissioned by Downing Street, said all three branches of the military were “running to stand still”.

Seven-and-a-half thousand new recruits is below the 10,000 needed each year, just for the Army to maintain its current strength.

An Army spokesman said: “The huge demand to join the Army is to be welcomed and our new recruitment campaign and fitness app means thousands of people are applying.

“We are working hard to speed up the process so recruits who meet our world-class standards can start their training as soon as possible.”

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