3d Laser Printing Used On Operations

3d Laser printing has been used for the first time on operations. 3d laser printing has been used by model manufacturers for many years now

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Pebble Island Up For Sale

Pebble island, which became famous during the Falklands war for the SAS attack on 11 Argentinian Pucara aircraft, is being put up for sale

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Army Recruitment Website Delivered Late

The new Army recruitment website has been delivered 52 months late after significant problems and was 3 times over budget

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Yemen Peace Talks: Foreign Secretary Talks With Houthi Officials

The Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt will join the UN lead Yemen peace talks

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Prince Charles To Join Descendants Of HMY Iolaire Centenary

Prince Charles and the First Minister and families will mark the Centenary of if the sinking of the HMY Iolaire which sank while bringing back Sailors from World War I

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General Sir Nick Carter Delivers Christmas Speech To RUSI

General Sir Nick Carter has delivered his first Christmas speech at RUSI, where he warned of multiplying threats to the UK

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North And South Korean Soldiers Shake Hands Across Border

North and South Korean Soldiers have crossed the DMZ to check on the dismantling of guard towers

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A Second Haul Of £1.6m Of Drugs Seized By HMS Dragon

HMS Dragon has seized £1.6m worth of narcotics. This is the second seizure of drugs in the past fortnight

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Putin Stassi ID Pass Found

The Stassi ID pass for Valdamir Putin has been found in Germany

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US Military Data Storage Raises Serious Security Concerns

The plan for the US military to store sensitive information on a commercial iCloud is raising serious security concerns

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