Two US Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan

Two US Soldiers have been killed in action in Afghanistan, bringing the total of US casualties to 14 so far this year

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US And Israel Blamed By Iraq Paramilitary Force For Blast

Recent mystery explosions at an Iranian backed Iraqi militia camps has been blamed on the US and Israel

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India To Re-Evaluate It’s “No First Use” Nuclear Weapons Policy

Amid rising tensions with Pakistan, India wants to re-examine it’s policy of “no first use” of nuclear weapons

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Dublin Court To Hear Case Against Two Men Charged With Being Members Of The IRA

Two men men will appear in court in the Irish Republic charged with being members of the IRA

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Ruling From The International Court Of Justice Sought By Pakistan

Pakistan is seeking a ruling from the International Court of Justice in the current dispute with India over the two countries dispute over Kashmir

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Trimming A Tree Almost Restarted The War With North Korea

The War with North Korea was nearly restarted when a group of South Korean and US service personnel trimmed a tree in the DMZ

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PSNI Raid Home Of Alec Murphy

The home of Alec Murphy was raided by the PSNI after shots were fired over his coffin. Murphy was

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Medium Range Cruise Missile Tested By US

The US has tested a medium range cruise missile. The US withdrew from the INF treaty amid accusation of Russian breaches of the provisions of the treaty

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Army Targeted In County Fermanagh Bomb Attack

It is believed that a bomb detonated in Wattle Bridge in County Fermanagh was targeted at Army and PSNI personnel

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