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    Thankfully the ownership of the Falklands isn’t going to be decided over a game of football but the UN might play a part. the story on the news page states a UN sub committee (of 24) has said the UK and the Argies “should talk” to discuss who ownes this British bit of land (not in those words). They wouldn’t say it was ours (the fact we were given it, and paid for it and no Argentinian has ever lived there and 99% of current inhabitants want to be British).

    My advice to our UN representatives is this: The UN voted all against 1 that Russia should not invade the Ukraine (the 1 being Russia) -as it wasn’t unanimous the world stood back and watched Russia do what it liked.

    The UN is about as useful in world politics as I am, or should I go for the job (might need some help with the CV) !!

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