This section serves to provide some information on Franchising as an opportunity for employment following your career in the Forces. This section is under development, and we will be providing information on Franchise opportunities for people to consider in the future.

The aim of this section is to provide some information to Service Leavers, Ex Forces People and their families on Franchising as an employment and a business ownership opportunity.

What is Franchising?:  A franchise is a licensed business that you can buy from the Franchisor, enabling you to benefit from the existing brand, advertising and business support services while still owning and running your own business.  Many of the famous brands use a franchise model as part of their “Channel Strategy”, and also, many small businesses use the Franchise Model to expand their own business with an incremental revenue stream through a “channel”.

In essence, you decide upon a type of service you want to offer, find a Franchisor with a good reputation and model, (as well as many other factors to be determined) and then you buy a licence from them.  The licence will be explicit in what it includes and what it excludes, but should inform you as to what support you can expect, and what work you will have to do yourself.

Further Information:  There are organisations that you can go to, to find out more information.

The British Franchise Association accredits franchisors with membership requiring their demonstrating that they offer the right support, and also provide information to potential Franchisees who are looking for an opportunity.

For more information, contact the BFA at





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