£10m To Be Spent On Developing Hypersonic Engines

The MOD has announced that £10m will be spent on developing hypersonic engines for the RAF. These engines could potentially double the speed of British aircraft. A life size conceptual model of an aircraft designed to use such engines has been built

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More And Better Military Housing Pledged By Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt has said that if he becomes Prime Minister he will spend an extra £1Bn to improve and build new housing for Military personnel

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Turkey Removed From F35 Lightning II Programme

The US has removed Turkey from the F35 fighter jet programme after their purchase of the S 400 missile system

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Russia Called Upon To Save INF Treaty

Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has called on Russia to save the INF nuclear weapons treaty

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Second Squadron Of RAF Lightning II’s

A second squadron of RAF F35 Lightning II’s have arrived in the UK

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Two More Royal Navy Ships Dispatched To The Gulf

HMS Kent and RFA Wave Knight are being sent to bolster Naval forces in the Gulf region

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PSNI Denies Meeting With UVF To Solve Bonfire Disputes

The PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) has issued a statement that it did not hold formal meetings with the UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force) to solve deadlocks over bonfire disputes

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French Airforce To Be Retitled The “Air And Space Force”

France has announced that it intends to set up a new “Space Defence Command” as the Air Force will take on the new role in September

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Alan Turing To Feature On Reverse Of New £50 Bank Note

The World War 2 cipher and code breaker Alan Turing has been chosen to appear on the reverse of the new £50 bank note

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Claims Of Sexual Offences “Not Properly Recorded”

The BBC has found that claims of sexual offences are not being properly recorded by service police

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