It Does not Mean You are Weak

Recently, Gareth Thomas, former Welsh Rugby Captain was forced, because of the “evils” to share with the World that he is living with HIV.  I am not going to go into the intrusive reporting of our gutter tabloid press who seek to upset people in the name of “public interest”, but I do want to…

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Does Your Job Make You Happy?

I am sat chatting via LinkedIn with a former colleague who has moved to a new role, primarily because they were not happy in their last role.  That’s fair enough isn’t it? This blog is about something dear to my heart.  I wasn’t even aware, until the conversation over social media prompted some personal concerns/emotions…

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Do You Soar with Eagles?

Following on from the blog about Birds of a Feather, here is a blog that was seeded when I was told something again, for the first time in a decade or more: “You’ll never soar with the Eagles while you’re scratching with Turkeys” At the time, I couldn’t really see the full extent of this…

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Birds of a Feather

As a young child and into my teens, I often used to hear the phrase “Birds of a Feather…” in relation to people.  Comments made by adults about others being similar to one another, however, I don’t remember hearing the final part of the saying until my mid-teens – “…flock together”.  It is something I…

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Just Stop it!!

I am getting more and more frustrated with this situation – and I hasten to add, NOT the people – whereby there is a pervasive view that on leaving the Forces, you need to consider a pay cut to get onto the employment ladder. Of late, I have been talking to a number of people…

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Do You Want to Be in a Film??

ExForcesNet is working with Choice Point Productions on the making of a film. We have been asked to reach out to our community and look for Veterans who have struggled in the transition to civilian life. The film, called “You Never Fought Alone”, requires Ambassadors.  They are looking for Veterans who have worked through issues…

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Losing Your Identity

Jeremy Vine is responsible for this blog.  On his BBC Radio 2 show, a few days ago, he was discussing the issues people have when losing a job in later life.  Some really, heart-rending stories about loss of confidence, mental health issues and subsequent substance abuse and even stories of homelessness.  The common theme through…

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Go Right! Go Early!

Wow! This week has been one of multiple streams of inspiration for my Blog… and to think, when I started blogging, I wondered how I would keep the subjects current and interesting… current is more important, you decide if they are interesting! So, this week, the first one was identity after job loss, but, today,…

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Write a 5 Page CV – Why?

Of late, I have worked with people on their CVs and am confused as to why some are still writing 5 pages.  I know that there are reasons behind it and I will discuss these with a hope that people will see how wrong that thinking is.  I will then provide MY thinking about how…

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Transition: The Great Leveller

Over the past couple of weeks, I have had conversations with people from all ranks and walks of life prior to their service:  Commodores, Staff Sergeants, Flight Sergeants, Privates, Colonels.  There are different lengths of service and different experiences.  Each one has different familial circumstances, marital status, children and resettlement location.  My mentees have various…

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At what point should you start the Resettlement Process?

  • More than 2 years before you depart? (40%, 6 Votes)
  • 2 years before departure? (33%, 5 Votes)
  • Around 6 months before last day? (13%, 2 Votes)
  • 12 Months prior to departure? (13%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 15

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