What Does Your CV Say about You?

Posted on November 28, 2017

That is a bit of a stupid question, isn’t it?  Surely, it should say everything about you?  Surely the need is to give the prospective employer all the information they need to give you an interview?

I disagree.

Here is a perspective:  You are open to agree, disagree or ignore, as this is only my perspective based on only 20 years of supporting people in “positioning” themselves into the Civilian Market from the Forces.

Your CV is an advert – plain and simple.

It is NOT a Life Story.  It is NOT a Super-Hero novel.  It is NOT a vomiting of your every experience and capability, however trivial, for your prospective employer to pull out the bones and decide if there is in any way a possible fit!  Yet, there seems to be a propensity from CTW and other sources to do the above, and the more verbose the output, the more people are getting negative responses, if any at all.

You would think that the Recruitment Agency would support you in getting it right wouldn’t you? NO! They on need one of their candidates to be successful to be paid, and so have not commercial interest in providing constructive feedback or support.

All of this is not obvious to people departing the Forces who have not had to interview for a role or opportunity in their entire service, or since they initially went to the Careers Office or Recruitment Team.

So, if your CV is your advert, then what should it be like?  Think about the adverts on the TV:  Many message you in 10 – 30 seconds, and not very often any more than that.  LESS IS MORE.  And, irrespective of the picture painting a thousand words, the premise of giving a creating a level of interest is essential.

My argument goes:  If you give them “chapter and verse” you will most likely have given them a reason to discount you.  If you keep it brief and targeted, then you are giving them a reason to bring you in and learn more.

Written in black and white, it seems to make more sense doesn’t it?

So, getting your CV down to 2 pages is great, getting it down to a one page “flyer” is even better, where you capture the highlights, the skills, and the achievements.  Moreover, if you are succinct in written form and “deliver” then how efficient is that delivery going to be with the momentum of action behind it.

Any questions, then see our CV section and reach out for some support.


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