That REAL Fear of Failing:

Posted on March 13, 2018

Fear of Failure, is a major subject on the Positive Thinking circuit, and while it is talked about in these circles by zealots with near religious fervour, it feels that it might well be something that is not real.  Those inner voices that make us not believe in what we can do, those feelings of having been knocked back that many times, we wonder if it is worth getting back up.  They are real, I can assure you!

I have had enough encounters with people who have used that terminology with me, as I try and support them, but yet, they do not recognise the fear in themselves, and will transpose the blame on to their environmental conditions.

Recently, I had the honour to work with a guy I had served with many decades ago.  He was down, and despite his own personal circumstances trying to put that brave military face onto the World.  He shared with me the difficulty he was having getting a role.  We went back to basics, and I reviewed his CV, reformatting it to make it more readable, flow and also present him with his transferable skills.  Getting him through this process was somewhat torturous, as he could not see the point.  I need to find words that would give him a “baby-step” to understand the risk of doing nothing.

He started to get interviews, and we discussed briefly another approach with which he gained confidence.

His head was lifting again, and he realised his worth to the commercial World.  With a number of interviews on offer, he was confident, performed well, and while he was not offered the role he went for, the company created a role to meet his skills, and there is already talk of a prospective promotion, and that is before he has started.

The one thing I said to him, to give him the bridge to possible success was only this:

“If you do nothing, your situation will not change.  However, if you do something, and you fail, then your situation won’t have changed, but you will have given it a chance to change for the better.”

Attitude is so important, and so, I hope people find the ability to “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway”.

What is your experience?


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