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Posted on September 6, 2018

Ok! So, today has been a wild one… I listen to Radio 2 in a morning (Don’t judge me!!) and this morning Chris Evans was looking for nominations for tomorrow’s Goodwood Revival day, going to the show and then travelling in the vintage bus with him and others (some have paid £11k+)… the two people that sprung to mind immediately, one of which is pictured, are Colin and Tracey Gaylor from Southampton. They give tirelessly, endlessly and with no expectation to the Veteran Community.

Colin will deny his deservedness endlessly and this, I find laudable. He has his reasons and I find them, frankly, groundless.

Colin and Tracey are setting a bar that the whole Country, as individuals, needs to step up to. The more selfless we become, the more we find ourselves, recognise ourselves and like ourselves.

In the meantime, people, youngsters especially, are going out to try and be more like pointless, vacuous celebrity idiots that don’t even like themselves. The followers try to acquire a lifestyle through inactivity and zero effort, believing they are deserving of it. I despair.


In the meantime, our veterans who have sacrificed effort, will, mental resilience and strength are received home, de-mobbed and treated as second class citizens in a country that called upon their services and then derided the way those services were provided. Many are expecting charges to be levelled for services rendered… the wrong commercial model!!

Colin and Tracey, leading the charge with support from some great people (you know whom you are) supporting change lives on an individual, considered and personal basis.

I asked for them, a day at Goodwood… in all honesty, they deserve Sainthood!!



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