Scottish Troops Not Allowed to Vote on Future of a Country They Defend

Posted on September 18, 2014

A tiny minority has no right to decide the future of a nation that so many Scots have fought to defend.

A few months ago, when the Scottish independence vote seemed like some sort of academic exercise where nothing really mattered, I put forward the view from south of the border that the future defence of Scotland seems to be the weakest link in the SNP’s Yes case for independence. It seemed to me that the Scottish people needed to realise that the fundamental requirement of the government of any sovereign state is to provide fully for the security and defence of that state and its citizens.

However, when the SNP says it can do that for between £2 billion and £2.5 billion a year, it reveals that it has little or no understanding of the real costs of defence, or what its real responsibilities are to provide for the security of the Scottish people. As someone who loves Scotland, I am deeply worried about its future defence, as are so many of my Scottish friends. It seems criminal to wave off these friends to such an uncertain future.

Photo from the Telegraph and Gen Sir Richard Dannat writes for the Telegraph>


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