Report says Scottish Troops set to “Desert” and March South

Posted on August 14, 2014

Troops will march south to England if independence goes ahead because being in Scottish army will be too BORING

  • Damning report reveals reluctance of soldiers to join Alex Salmond’s army

  • Officers dismiss Scottish Defence Force as ‘too dead-end and parochial’

  • Troops would rather stay in British forces so they can see action

Scottish soldiers will desert Alex Salmond’s independent army to fight alongside their British comrades if the SNP wins next year’s referendum.

A devastating new study which quizzed servicemen has left the Nationalists’ defence blueprint in tatters, concluding that Mr Salmond’s proposals ‘do not withstand serious scrutiny’.

For the first time, serving soldiers were asked for their views and ‘a majority – perhaps even a large majority’ would prefer to remain with the British Armed Forces’ because they will see action instead of spending their time in Scotland ‘thumb twiddling’.

The Mail Online reports>



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