Novochok Victim Sergei Skripal Discharged From Hospital

Sergei Skripal has now been discharged from hospital in Salisbury where he was being treated for nerve agent poisoning


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President Trump Contradicts Statement By Security Adviser

The statement by the US security adviser John Bolton that disarmament of North Korea would follow the “Libya model” has been contradicted by President Trump. The comment by John Bolton so angered the North Koreans that they threatened to withdraw from the summit.

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Will The UK Send More Troops To Afghanistan?

Gavin Williamson has urged the Prime Minister to increase the number of troops the UK has in the country, but so far no decision has been made

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Veterans Produce a Film Called “The Betrayal”

Former Soldiers including some who served in the SAS are producing a film about the Troubles and are set to name terrorists who avoided justice.

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F-35 Lightning II Jets To Start Arriving At Marham Next Month

The Defence Minister Gavin Williamson has announced that the new F35 will start arriving at RAF Marham early next month.

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Fears That Brexit Could Cause A Return To Violence In Northern Ireland

George Hamilton, the Chief Constable of Northern Ireland, has expressed concern over a possible return to violence by Republican groups if a physical border is put in place after Brexit

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North Korea Threatens To Cancel Meeting With America

North Korea is threatening to cancel the meeting between Kim Jung-un and President Trump, if America insists on North Korea abandoning it’s nuclear weapons. North Korea has already cancelled their meeting with South Korea which was due to take place today

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Chief Constable Of PSNI Says That They Are Still Investigating Terrorist

The Chief Constable of the PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) has challenged the Prime Ministers claims that terrorists are not supported by official figures

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Army Veteran Given 1 Year In Prison For Race Hate Speech

Jeremy Bedford-Turner has been jailed for one year, after a trail at Southwark crown court.

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Chinese Start Sea Trials On Aircraft Carrier

Chinese state media has announced that the new aircraft carrier will start sea trials. The ship has yet to be named

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