Congratulations To The Ice Maidens, They’ve Done It!!!

ExForces Net gives it’s congratulations to the Ice Maidens. They have successfully completed in 62 days a trick across Antartica that was expected to take between 75 and 90 days. Superb effort ladies

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New Long Range Missile Tested By India

With tensions rising with Pakistan and China, India has chosen this moment to test a powerful new long range missile, the Agni 5

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Public Accounts Committee Warns Ministers Of MOD Finances Being “Very Strained”

The failure to bring the F-35 and Aircraft carrier projects in “on time and cost” has left the MOD financially vulnerable

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UK To Bolster French Operations In Mali

The UK will be supporting French counter-terrorism operations in Africa, by sending three Chinooks to Mali

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China In Arms Race With Neighbours

While the world is distracted by North Korea and it’s nuclear weapons, China is quietly in an arms race with it’s neighbours according to an article in the Independent today

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“I’d Do It Again” Says Surviving British Dambuster

The last surviving British Dambuster, George “Johnny” Johnson, has said that if necessary he would do it again.

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Turkey Is Preparing To Attack Afrin In Syria

Turkey is preparing to attack Afrin, an enclave within Syria

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Russian Bomber Approaching UK Airspace Intercepted

Yesterday RAF QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) intercepted Tu-160 “Blackjack” bombers that were approaching the UK ADR (Air Defence Region)

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Earliest Use Of The Term Prisoner Of War Discovered

Prisoner of War is a common term in use today, but it’s very first use has been discovered during research by Dr Ambuhl of the University of Southampton

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Captain Rick Jolly, Surgeon In Charge Of “The Red And Green Life Machine” Dies

Captain Rick Jolly, the surgeon who saved the lives of many British and Argentinian soldiers in the Falklands war has died aged 71. ExForces net extends it’s sympathy and respect to Captain Jolly’s family

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