US Role In Palestine Peace Negotiations Unacceptable

After Donald Trumps orders to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem has angered the Arab world, Mouhamad Abbas has stated that the US will have no further role in the peace negotiations

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General Stolenberg’s Tenure As NATO Secretary General Extended

The Defence Secretary has congratulated General Stolenberg on having his term as Secretary General of NATO increased

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US Army Deserter To North Korea Dies

A former US Army Sergeant who defected to North Korea in the 1960’s has died in Japan aged 77

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Putin Announces Russian Troop Withdrawl From Syria

It was announced yesterday that Russian troops would be ‘partially withdrawn’ from Syria

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North Korea Nuclear Tests: Aftershocks Detected 14 Weeks Later

14 weeks after a North Korean nuclear test, aftershocks have been detected in the region

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Qatar To Buy 24 Typhoon Eurofighters

Yesterday a contract was signed with Qatar for the purchase of 24 Typhoon aircraft. The contract was signed on the UK’s behalf by the Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson

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Charges Brought Over Londonderry Bazooka Armed Snowman Image

Charges have been brought against a 29 year old man after an image of a snowman with a bazooka appeared on the Republican Prisoners Welfare Association building

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North Korean Foreign Ministry: Out Break Of War “An Established Fact”

As American and South Korean forces carry out joint exercises, the North Korean foreign ministry has raised tensions further by stating that war on the peninsular is now an “Established Fact”

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Birmingham Pub Bombings Michael Hayes Could Be Questioned

Lawyers representing families of the victims of the PIRA bombings in Birmingham – 21 people died – may be allowed to question Michael Hayes, who took “collective responsibility” for PIRA actions on the UK mainland

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China Claims Indian Drone Violated Sovereign Airspace

An Indian drone has crashed in China. China claims that the Indian drone has violated Chinese airspace. The accusation comes amid worsening relations between the two countries

Image courtesy of The Diplomat

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