Russian Su 27 Intercepts US Reconnaissance Aircraft In An “Unsafe” Manner

With tensions between Washington and Moscow increasing, a Russian Su 27 has come to within 5ft of an American RC135. The incident took place last Monday over the Baltic

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Canadian’s Take Over Guarding The Queen At Buckingham Palace

On the same day that the Defence Secretary welcomes the new Canadian defence policy, the Canadian army has taken over guarding Buckingham palace

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Syrian Air Force Aircraft Shot Down By US Navy Fighter

The pentagon has announced that a US Navy F/A18 “Super Hornet” has shot down a Syrian SU-22 fighter bomber

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Seven US Navy Crew Missing After Collision In Sea Of Japan

Seven US Navy Sailors from the USS Fitzgerald are missing after the warship collided with a merchant vessel in the Sea of Japan. Ex-Forces net extends it’s best wishes to the families of the missing Sailors

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Investigation Into Incident At Castlemartin Ranges Continues

The MOD is continuing to investigate an incident involving a tank at the Castlemartin ranges last Friday

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Protected Status Granted To Giant Kiwi Carving

The carving of a giant Kiwi that was carved by Soldiers from New Zealand into the side of Bulford hill near Stonehenge has been granted protected status

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Bumf, Chat And Plonk, Twelve Words From World War I

An article in the BBC today explains the derivation of twelve words in common use today that can be traced back to World War I and the trenches

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US Tests Anti-Missile Systems

As US Anti-Missile system has been successfully tested at Vandenburg Airforce Base in California

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US Aircraft Over East China Sea Intercepted By PLAF Jets

A USAF weather sampling aircraft has been intercepted by a pair of PLAAF (Peoples Liberation Army Air Force) Sukhoi Su-30 aircraft. An official complaint has been made to the Chinese Government and Military over the “unprofessional” approach

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Open Letter To Prime Minister Questions Defence Funding

An open letter sent to Theresa May from “top brass” has warned of the underfunding of Britain’s defence

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