Royal Navy Ship Orders: Assurance Sought By Unions

Union leaders are seeking assurances over the future of ship building in Scotland and hope to speak to the Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon

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F-35 Lightning Cleared For Carrier Take Offs From Royal Navy Carrier

The Defence Minister Harriet Baldwin has told the Defence Select Committee that the F35 Lightning has been cleared for take off from HMS Queen Elizabeth

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Northern Ireland’s Senior Police Officers Under Investigation

Northern Ireland’s Senior Police Officers are under investigation by the Ombudsman with various allegations that could mount to perverting the course of justice.

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Royal Navy Pilot American Wife Delayed In Joining Him In UK Because Of Delay In Issuing Of Visa

A delay in the issuing of a visa by the Home Office has delayed the American wife of a Royal Navy pilot from joining him in the UK, leaving her homeless. Commander Rawlins set a record number of combat flying hours in Afghanistan while attached to the US Navy flying the Harrier

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Head Of MI5 Describes UK Terror Threat As “Intense”

Andrew Parker – the head of MI5 – has told the BBC that the threat to the UK from Islamist Terrorism is “intense”

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Speculation That US Navy SEALS Could Be Ready To Mount A “Decapitation” Strike On North Korea

The USS Michigan docked in the South Korean port of Pusan on Friday has raised speculation that a Special Forces team might be using a joint 10 day exercise as a cover to mount a “decapitation” mission against North Korea

Image courtesy of the Washington Examiner

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North Korean UN Diplomat Gives Warning Of Nuclear War

North Korean UN Diplomat Kim In-ryong has warned that “Nuclear War may break out at any moment”

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Report Into The Sinking Of HMS Sheffield Finally Released

35 years after it was sunk by an Argentine Exocet missile, the full un-redacted marked “Eyes Only Bravo” has been released by the MOD

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Former Head Of The RAF Warns M.P.’s Not To Adopt Foreign Airplane For Red Arrows

A former head of the RAF has warned MP’s that the world status of the famous Red Arrows display team would be damaged if the team were forced to adopt a foreign build aircraft

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RN Bomb Disposal Divers Safe Stricken Tanker off British Coast

A Tanker dropped its anchor into the waters of Portland Harbour, and speared an old training torpedoe.  The RN Divers were called to support in making safe the old device, and they did so in a 5 hour operation while the majority of the crew had been evacuated.

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