Bill Speakman VC, Dies Aged 90

Bill Speakman, the first soldier to be awarded the Victoria Cross by Queen Elizabeth, has died aged 90. ExForces Net extends it’s respect and sympathy to his family

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Charing Cross Station Cleared After Bomb Threat

A man on the underground tracks claiming to have a bomb has forced the closure of Charing Cross station

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Anger at Prosecution of Ex-Soldier over Belfast Killing

There is growing anger at the prosecution of an ex-soldier while many families of people killed by the paramilitaries are not seeing justice being done.

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WW2 Bomb Taken To Gun Trading Shop Causes Alert

EOD was called to a shop in York when a WWII bomb was sold to the shop owner. The area was closed for 2 1/2 hours because of the incident

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GCHQ Director Stresses Need For Cooperation With Europe After Brexit

Responding to threats from Europe to end cooperation over security, Jeremy Fleming – Director of GCHQ –  has stressed the role of Britain in foiling European terror plots

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Soldier Might Be Charged Over 1988 Checkpoint Killing Informed By Email

A former soldier who negligently discharged his GPMG, resulting in the death of Aidan McAmespie has been informed by email that he will be charged by police over the incident

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Commons Defence Committee Urges Rise In Defence Spending

The Commons Defence Committee has urged the Government to increase defence spending from 2% to 3% of GDP to meet a growing threat from Russia

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Police Search Premises of Man Bailed Over Alleged F-35 Secrets Plot

Police are investigating the allegations that a Rolls Royce jet engine specialist passed secrets to China.

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Army Sgt Whot Tried to Kill His Wife to be Sentenced

The Physical Training Instructor Sergeant, Emille Cilliers is to be sentenced for the attempted murder of his wife.

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Ethiopia Wants A Navy, Despite Being Landlocked

Ethiopia is hunting around it’s neighbours for a naval base it can use , despite the country itself being landlocked

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