Injured Soldier Asked to Return £11k Compensation

Posted on July 23, 2014

Former private Adrian Whitehead was awarded £10,800 after his arm was shattered during a mission in Afghanistan in 2009.

A wounded soldier has been ordered to give back an £11,000 payout after the Ministry of Defence told him it had “made a mistake”.

Adrian Whitehead, who completed two tours in Afghanistan, has blasted the Government blunder as “a joke” and blames military cutbacks and Whitehall incompetence.

The dad-of-two said: “I’m gobsmacked. It’s a big slap in the face for me.”

The former private served as a tank crewman in the King’s Royal Hussars but his career was cut short when a corporal “suddenly flipped” and shattered his arm with a cricket bat during a 2009 mission fighting the Taliban.

Adrian was downgraded to other duties and won a £10,800 payout in December 2011 under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.

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