Mental Health – The Battle Between the Ears

My army career came to an abrupt end the day I went on parade in my boots, beret and pyjamas. I was a Welbexian enlisted to Rowallan Company at Sandhurst and the intense physical and mental training combined with a severe lack of sleep had finally taken its toll. Up to this point I’d been…

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PTSD: The Disorder That Dare not Speak its Name

Ian Foulkes is our first contributing Blogger.  He draws on his experiences and highlights a major issue for many: I have PTSD. There you are, I’ve said it. But it took me years to admit to myself that I had a problem and when I did I felt a failure in some way that I…

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Adapting to Civvy Life

The vast majority of us joined the services at a tender age, and the Forces dictate to us how we act and react.  Instilled standards of dress, time-keeping, behaviour, respect remain with us when we depart the Services “Family”, and it is frequently these standards (or rather lack of) that surprise us as we migrate…

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Homelessness Among ExForces

Homelessness – Frankly, it “pees” me off!  Not because I am tired of having people ask if I can spare some change, but because, in a “first world nation” there is no need for it. Simples!

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What Does Your CV Say about You?

That is a bit of a stupid question, isn’t it?  Surely, it should say everything about you?  Surely the need is to give the prospective employer all the information they need to give you an interview?

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When Should You Start Your Resettlement?

So, when do you think that you should start your resettlement?  2 years before departure?  18 Months?  6 months? Hold that thought! I have presented on many occasions to serving members of our Armed Forces, and on many occasions, receive the answer that 6 months is sufficient.  Applying for jobs before that is pointless, as…

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At what point should you start the Resettlement Process?

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