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Amazon Web Services Signs Up To Military Covenant


January 13, 2017

Amazon Web Services are offering Service leavers, Veterans, Cadets and their families re-training under what they call the “Re-start programme”

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General Carter Brands Millenials As Being Too “Self Interested”

January 13, 2017

General Nick Carter has told a conference that those born in the 1980’s and ’90’s are too self interested to consider a career in the Armed Forces and that not enough is being done to try and recruit them

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Shadow Defence Secretary Furious Over Corbyn Aide’s Comments

January 12, 2017

Comments made by an aide to Jeremy Corbyn that the UK should wind down tensions in Estonia have angered the shadow defence secretary

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A RAF Typhoon accompanying a Russian Coot electronic intelligence gathering aircraft over the Baltic.

RAF Typhoon jets deployed as part of the NATO Baltic Air Policing mission for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have found and identified two unknown aircraft on a mission over the Baltic Sea 


The aircraft were scrambled from Ämari Air base in Estonia yesterday, to intercept aircraft approaching Baltic airspace without sharing a flight plan. The first aircraft was identified as a Il-20M ‘Coot’ A surveillance aircraft, which they shadowed for a period. The Typhoons were then re-tasked to check out a second unidentified aircraft, which was identified as an An-26 ‘Curl’ transport plane flying north from Kaliningrad.


The intercepts are the Typhoon’s fourth tasking since deploying to the Baltic in May. 


Defence Secretary Michael Fallon, who plans to visit the Baltic Air Policing detachment later this month, said:


“The interception of Russian military aircraft by our RAF Typhoon fighters underlines our commitment to NATO and the security of the Baltic region. RAF air and ground crew are doing vital work to defend the skies above and around the Baltic States and I look forward to seeing that work first hand in the near future. “


Yesterday’s mission was enabled by close teamwork between the Estonian Air Force and the RAF Air Surveillance and Control System (ASACS) detachment at Ämari. ASACS detachment commander, Flight Lieutenant Paul “Griff” Griffin said:


“In this case the Typhoons were given the nod and the Estonian controllers hit the scramble button. The Estonian controllers picked up the aircraft on their radar picture and evaluated whether it had a flight plan and its heading, height and speed. Once it was clear it was an unknown they gave it an appropriate identification colour which made it stand out on our radar scopes. Once airborne it was my job to ensure a quick and efficient intercept, steering the Typhoons to

US Soldiers And Tanks Start Arriving In Poland

January 12, 2017

Amid rising tensions between NATO and Russia, American tanks and soldiers start arriving today in Poland

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