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US Aircraft Over East China Sea Intercepted By PLAF Jets


May 19, 2017

A USAF weather sampling aircraft has been intercepted by a pair of PLAAF (Peoples Liberation Army Air Force) Sukhoi Su-30 aircraft. An official complaint has been made to the Chinese Government and Military over the “unprofessional” approach

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Open Letter To Prime Minister Questions Defence Funding

May 10, 2017

An open letter sent to Theresa May from “top brass” has warned of the underfunding of Britain’s defence

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After UK Nuclear Tests Australians Aborigine’s To Be Given Healthcare Aid

May 9, 2017

Australian Aborigine’s that were exposed to radiation from British Nuclear weapons tests are to be given enhanced healthcare aid

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Anti-Missile System In South Korea Now Operational

May 2, 2017

The US has announced that its THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defence) missile system is now installed and working in South Korea

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